My world

You’re my world, even though you’re a world away

I find you on my mind, night and day.

This doesn’t make sense to me

I’m in India and you’re in DC

but we’ll figure something out because I know I love you

I just hope you feel the same thing too

I’m stuck writing romantic poetry.

I just miss my baby.


Figure this out

We might have each other’s heart

But why do we have to be apart?

I meet you in my Dreams,

But you can’t hear me screaming

out your name in the middle of the night

I know sometimes we fight,

I know we love each other more.

And sometimes I get insecure.

It’s just fear that you’ll leave one day

I can’t even word the thoughts that my brain wants to say

Baby girl. All I know is that you’re my world.

So let’s figure this out?


The mystery

I’m lonely

and this loneliness is eating into me

I don’t think you understand the words that come outta my mouth

when I say I love you, why are things going south?

This could’ve turned out to be way better

and you said she’s gonna take me away, but will you let her?

Why aren’t you fighting? WHy aren’t you trying?

Why do I feel like crying?

This sadness is mad, I’m feeling so sad

I’m so sick of all this shit that I’ve had

I Wish we could undo moments, forget our history

because how do I solve this mystery

Of getting over you?



She’s going through a lot,

but tells no one.

I feel like a robot.

Feel all alone.

But when we talk it’s like I’m complete.

It would be heaven if we could meet.

But alas the distance. It kills

I would try hiding things from her, but when we talk it just spills.

She has my heart, I guess that’s why I only live when I’m with her.

Why does time fly by when we’re together?

She’s my will to live.

Just to meet, there is nothing I won’t give,

Cause when we meet it’s bliss.

Maybe one day we can solidify this .


I swear I can feel the nostalgia

creeping up right below my skin.

Every moment we’re apart I miss ya

but when you’re with me the world starts to spin.

Oh, I’m living the memories we made together, I’m living in a made up world.

I can see your eyes and hear your voice, it’s like my reality has been blurred. It’s swirled.

You’re not here, but you live in my heart.

We’re still together even if we’re apart.

One day though, we’ll be together again.

I’ll be with you in my dreams till then.

In love with you

Your sad smile,

makes me want to stay a while.

These emotions are bittersweet,

Cause it is only through my laptop or phone that we meet.

You opened my eyes to optimism, I’m sorry I didn’t see it at first.

I used to think life was cursed.

But that was until I was blessed with you,

never want to bid you adieu.

you made life worth it.

With you, I can forget all the bullshit.

Just wanna hold you in my arms forever.

I’d probably go mad if we were to sever.

When you smile I get paralyzed, don’t think there’s anything I can do.

Girl, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.



When you’re high,

looking out in the moonlight,

contemplating life.

In the middle of the night.

You know your past haunts you,

a ghost of a mistake.

You are unsure of what to do,

when you have such a huge decision to make.


You do not know whether continuing would do any good.

So you do what you normally would.

You carry on,

until all your doubt is gone.




This is