Have you ever felt your heart break?

You’ve tried everything but you can’t get rid of the ache?

All I’ve ever wanted was a simple life

Instead all I’ve ever met with was strife.

I rhyme to overcome this pain

I question if something is wrong with my Brain

I can’t afford the therapy.

Not when everything revolves around money

Even love, the pure love depicting in the movies?

It’s only fiction, I doubt our ever find something like that in reality

Not to be cynical, but the truth is bitter.

Sometimes life makes me question being a quitter.

But I guess all I can say

Is we’ll take this day by day.


Ocean of desolation

It gets harder to breathe,

When you’re under six feet

Of depression pain and the lack of sleep

I think I’m in the deep.

I’m suffocating, no oxygen,

Chances of surviving, thin.

People don’t notice your plight till it’s too late.

I think that may be why everyone is so desolate.

Some of us know how to swim, but everyone is dragged under

There’s a sea storm don’t you hear the thunder?

We’re all swimming through this ocean of desolation and loneliness.

We’re all just waiting for the time when we don’t have to feel like this.

My baby

Your voice echoes in my head

A symphony to which nothing can compare

Without you, I feel so dead.

Without you, I can’t help but despair

Everything is now a person to me

Gone are the days I felt lonely

Now I have another to complete me

My boo, my everything, my baby


Swear i never thought I’d feel this way

But now I look forward to the day

I’m gonna be spending every moment with you

In your absence i feel so blue.

I’m blessed as hell.

I don’t know if you can tell

But i want to spend my life with you.

I just hope you feel the same way too.

In love

You make me feel like myself

Jesus boo, i could see you in my arms

We could chill by ourselves

I’ll keep you safe from harm.

You look like an angel

And sound like one too

For you i fell,

I’m in love with you.


The poets aren’t sleeping

The poets are enraged.

The promises made by the government weren’t meant for keeping

The crowd was engaged.

Shells containing tear gas fell from the evening sky

Like raindrops

Poisonous enough to make you cry.

The country is in turmoil,

The people live in fear

It’s time to make the perpetrators recoil.

The time to rise is near.


You came into my life suddenly

Like a tide, you swept me off my feet,

Its safe to say I fell for you.

I have no clue what to do

With these emotions,

It’s like I’m questioning my notions

Of love cause this is something I’ve never felt before

Thought this type of love only existed in lore

I’m glad you’re here with me

I promise you won’t be lonely


I’m hurting right now

All i see is black.

I don’t understand how

Life can lack

The lustre that makes it worth living

Man, i thought i found happiness,

But I’m doubting it’s a real thing,

I’m becoming emotionless.

Apathy is getting to me

Messing with my mind

Questioning if my conscience is guilty

I’m mean, but I’m kind

I put up walls that make me despise myself

At least it’ll keep you far away from me

My heart’s finally of the shelf.

I’m fine being lonely.


Her eyes were brown,

Like honey in sunlight,

And if she looked down,

You’d find yourself missing the previous sight .

She was radiant,

Like the sun on a clear day,

She looked magnificent,

She’d steal the words you thought you’d say.

She was cheery, like the embodiment of spring,

You’d find yourself likened to a autumn leaf.

Nothing would prepare you for the sting

That she belonged to another, thus you must take your leave.

What will be, will be,

You’ll find happiness,